From what I have been told about the origins of porter, they’re as dark and mysterious as its colours. Some say it’s named after the porters who mixed the dregs of their beer as they rowed up and down the river Thames. Some claim it’s a hearty brew named after the porters who needed its richness to replenish them after a long day’s work.

Others say it was invented by Ralph Harwood and his “Three Threads”. In an era where London pubs would buy barrels to age and blend a variety of beers on site for their customers, Harwood “Three Threads” beer was made from – a stronger, old ale, a sour beer (that wasn’t always sour on purpose!), and an unaged beer. This young beer could be drunk immediately, unlike other beers of the time. Harwood’s mixture supposedly went on to become known as porter.

Whatever its history, our Coldstream’s Porter is smooth and dark, with caramel and burnt toffee accents in the same style of the porter from 18th century London. To achieve this historic flavour we mix chocolate and golden naked malts along with ale, crystal, roasted, and amber malts. This gives the truly authentic taste of old English charm that our customers love.
There’s a good reason why this combination of flavours have endured to the current day. Our porter sits snugly between a stout, a dark ale, and a Guinness. We find it to be a rich and beautiful ale that is dark but unintimidating. Our porter can be paired with both hearty meats and rich, chocolatey desserts. From my personal experience, it’s ideal with any meal and for when you don’t want a hoppy beer.

I can happily recommend our Porter to anyone looking to try a richer, darker beer, but are too intimidated by Guinness. Enjoy a trip back to the 18th and 19th centuries with this sensational drop by Coldstream Brewery.