Our iconic Pilsner is a Czech, another favourite which our customers love. The original Pilsner recipe initially inspired us to delve deeper into the beer world and its culture. We spent years travelling to some of the world’s best beer destinations, but the Czech Republic was our favourite. We were so enraptured by the country’s best selling beer that we wanted to bring its taste sensation back to Australia. And so the Coldstream Pilsner was born.

It’s little surprise our Czech inspired Pilsner has long been part of our Coldstream core range. This classic style Pilsner consists of a Saaz and Czech Republic style hop. This creates the beer’s floral, herbal, and spiced bouquet. We then use a traditional lagering process to cold ferment the pilsner before long conditioning the beer over several weeks at a low temperature. Our customers find the result to be crisp, fresh, and aromatic with a lovely bitterness and a clean finish. There’s also a deep maltiness in this gently bitter and refreshing lager. This is our Coldstream Pilsner – a pale, hoppy lager that perfectly quenches your thirst after a long, hard day!

This is our tribute to the fantastic lagers of Europe and the Czech Republic which has remained unchanged since 2007 and has garnered a loyal following both in Australia and overseas.