Pale Ale

Our Pale Ale is a pub favourite and a must-have in any brewery line up. We’re proud to take inspiration from the traditional classic Aussie pale ale as well as the distinctive European flavours we encountered on our overseas adventures. We reckon this is the best pale ale ever created, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Our Coldstream Brewery Pale Ale is darker than most Australian and American pale ales. We use Maris Otter and Joe White Munich malts to create its signature rich and slightly nutty base. This is then balanced out with the perfect amount of bitterness as well as some additional citrus and floral notes. All good things take time, which is why our Pale Ale is held in the tank longer to enhance the flavours and clarity, and to add a slight citrus taste to the ale.
This longer process has made our Pale Ale an Aussie favourite for years!

We find simple craft beer is full-bodied and easy to drink. By holding it in the tank longer we’ve created a beer with an initial sweetness that transforms into a perfect, crisp, zingy ale, balanced out with just the right level of bitterness at the finish. From my own vast experience, This highly sessionable beer is perfect for a round with the mates, to knock back on a sunny summer afternoon, and or even with a great meal chicken parma at the Coldstream Brewery. No matter what you’re celebrating, our Pale Ale is the perfect beer for any and all special occasions.