Golden Ale

Our Golden Ale is a personal favourite of ours from the entire in the Coldstream line up. It has strong flavour but isn’t overly bitter or super hoppy. We find it incredibly easy to drink – the perfect glass for a few rounds with mates or for those just getting into the craft beer scene. Also known as a blonde ale, this easy-drinking beer is visually appealing and isn’t overly dominated by either the malt or hop characteristics. It is rounded and smooth, making it the ideal sessionable beer that our customers deeply enjoy as much as we do.

It wasn’t too long ago that the golden ales were a force to be reckoned with in pubs around Australia. This is because it’s one of the most approachable styles of beer and it used to be a part of nearly every craft brewery’s core range. While there’s not as many golden ales available around any more, we love keeping it in our line up. The Coldstream Golden Ale is the perfect gateway beer that’s balanced and awesome to drink, and we also think Golden Ales will be making a comeback soon!

This brewery favourite is a rare breed that bridges the gap between lagers and ales. Our signature golden ale is brewed with Munich and crystal malts to create a sweet, bready flavour. We then add galaxy and citra hops to the whirlpool. Finally, we dry hop with galaxy and enigma to give it our signature floral finish.

One of the reasons our golden ale has endured and maintained its place in our lineup is the tropical notes introduced by the galaxy hops. With golden and orange hues, its sweetness and caramel notes balance out the small amount of bitterness.

We can highly recommend this beer if you’re looking for something easy to sip on. It’s ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in the beer culture rabbit hole.