• The Home of the Shivering Man

  • The Home of the Shivering Man

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The Story

Born two weeks apart in the same hospital, attended the same kindergarten at the age of four – quickly becoming best friends. We grew up in the same county town in Gippsland and remained mates throughout our lives.

With the help of three other friends, we established the Brewery in 2007. To build the Brewery we resurrected and rebuilt the former wool store on Maroondah Highway, Coldstream, the gateway to the Yarra Valley. It took three years to get the brewery up and running including importing equipment from a brewery that had shut down in New Zealand.

The Shivering Man that takes pride of place on our bottles and the roof of our brewery represents taking a plunge and baring it all to do something you love.

That’s what Coldstream Brewery is all about, taking the time to do what you want to do. With this belief, we have been making handcrafted beer and cider for over ten years that is true to the original recipe. Come out for a visit and taste it for yourselves and meet the infamous Shivering Man…

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The Pub

Visit the home of the Shivering Man at Coldstream in the Yarra Valley. Taste through a paddle in the Brewery Bar, catch up with mates over a pint in the Pub or enjoy lunch or dinner packed full of Yarra Valley produce. You might even learn a little about the infamous Shivering Man. We are now open for dine-in! Click below to book.

If you are interested in a function, please head to our functions page here.

The Beer

We started out brewing in what is now The Brewery Bar.

A lots changed since 2007 – we’ve added three new beers to their line-up along with a cider and they’re now available nationwide.

Brewing no longer happens onsite but the beers are true to the original recipes; high quality hops, malt and yeast that were trialled, tested and tasted many a time out at the Pub.

There’s no better way to honour a former Brewery than to turn it into a pub so come pay your respects and have a brew or two. Order our beers online here.

The Cider

Made from 100% Victorian apples, our cider is pure goodness, no concentrates or powders here.

Our apples are crushed and then cold fermented – essentially the magical turning apples into alcohol process happens in the cold  – giving our cider its delightful fizz.

We finish with a filter to leave our Coldstream Cider crystal clear and that’s it.

Coldstream Cider – clean, crisp and ready to drink. Buy our cider online here.

Our line-up

Our line-up consists of four beers and two ciders. All hand-crafted made with quality ingredients locally in Victoria. Buy our products online here.

A light, hoppy European style lager. We keep things fairly traditional using Saaz hops straight from the Czech Republic with just a dash from the UK.
A cool ferment followed by long cool conditioning gives you our Pilsner – one thirst quenching lager.


Our Golden Ale is brewed with Munich & Crystal malts for a sweet bready flavour. We then add Galaxy & Citra hops to the whirpool, and finally dry hop with Galaxy & Enigma to give a floral finish.

Our expression of an Australian style pale ale is a light & floral one with a balanced bitterness throughout.Using Maris Otter & Joe White Munich malts to create a rich & slightly nutty base. We reckon it’s our best expression we have created yet!

Chocolate and Golden Naked – always a good combination, particularly when they’re two of the six malts used in our Grand Porter.

Smooth and dark with caramel and burnt toffee flavours this Ale came from 18th Century London – there’s a good reason it’s alive and well today.

Just like drinking crisp Victorian apples.

We could tell you it’s medium dry and the colour of pale straw with a subtle touch of spice but really, what’s better than crisp apples in a glass?

Headed to a festival with a no glass policy? Worried about bottles rolling around in the back of the caravan? Prefer the press of cold metal against your lips?

Never fear we’ve taken our delicious Apple Cider and popped it in a can.

Our pear cider is a medium sweet style loaded with real pear character, light in the mouth, sparkling with a clean moreish finish.

Made from 100% Victorian grown pears and fermented in the Yarra Valley.

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